About Us



Datafone Communications is a full service telecommunications interconnect.  Datafone was founded in 1994 by experienced telecommunication professionals with extensive Pacific Bell experience and the technical knowledge and through understanding of the telecommunications marketplace.


In the beginning, Datafone’s primary mission was a service provider and help desk for communication systems with national account customers.  Datafone’s focus was on customer service with the help desk on solving telecommunication problems over the telephone.  If Datafone could not fix the problem(s) over the phone we would dispatch an interconnect in that area to assist with the problem(s).  With this, we developed a large networking pool of qualified interconnects across the country.  In 1995 Datafone decided to become an interconnect themselves to help with the national account database and to serve local companies with their communications needs.  Datafone became service dealers with Comdial/Vertical, Lucent/Avaya, Panasonic KXT, Panasonic KX-TDA, Panasonic KX-TDE, Panasonic NCP, Panasonic DBS, Key Voice Technologies, Toshiba, Samsung, Tone Commander, Walker/Poet, Carrier Access, and 1A2.  Over the past several years, Datafone has expanded into the Data Service arena providing data cabling, fiber cabling, network setup, and design, configuration, security, installation, and server room setup.  We also provide both CCTV surveillance as well as IP-camera surveillance.





Today’s communications products are revolutionizing the way offices communicate, process information, and enhance their productivity.  We feel compelled to offer our customers the very best choices in technology.  These breakthrough products, such as Voice over I.P. (VoIP), are becoming an integral part of business life.  Datafone Communications is committed to being in the forefront as a supplier of these technologies and services.


Datafone has consistently demonstrated a long-term commitment to our customers and users.  By listening to our customers’ ‘needs’ we have responded with immediate solution of product(s) and/or services, thus enhancing their telecommunications requirements on a regular basis.


We represent only products of consistently high quality and value that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.  We understand that each of our customers has unique communications needs and we pride ourselves in being able to respond with the right solution.  We are committed in good faith to uphold the performance of our work and the warranties of our represented products and will support our installed base of customers with integrity, professionalism and with the up most competence.




In an environment, which promotes individual achievement, leadership and personal growth, we are united in a team effort to provide our customers the highest level of service possible.  With assurance, confidence and trust you will be able to look to Datafone for the latest products and services available well into the future.